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Zortam releases a new version of Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 22 (Apr 03,2017)

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio 22.00 (Apr 03, 2017)

We have significantly improved the application performance.

– improved auto tagging performance
– paste image from clipboard and set it is as album art
– replace entirely or part of the string in tag



Zortam Mp3 Tag Editor for Android

Zortam Mp3 Tag Editor for Android v 1.0


Download Zortam Mp3 Tag Editor for Android from Google Play.

Zortam Mp3 Tag Editor for Android is ID3 tag editor which uses Zortam database and other music on-line services to automatically download cover art, lyrics and other Mp3 metadata and tag them into your Mp3 files.

Application also ads lyrics into your Mp3 files, removes existing cover artwork, support batch auto tag processing which automatically adds album art and lyrics to your Mp3 files.

You can add or change all your tags in integrated ID3 Tag Editor, choose album artwork from the Internet or Photo Gallery, Play songs, and much more.



How to set auto tag parameters

By default auto tag process searches for all tags ( artist, title, lyrics, cover art, album, genre, year, album artist, track number) but it will not no overwrite existing tags in your file.

That means that if tags already exist in your file auto tagger will not change it although your current tags  might be incorrect.

Default parameters:


If you check “Overwrite existing tag” it will overwrite (replace) existing tag with the results from auto tag process.

If you don’t check specific tag (for example Album Artist) it will not be written to ID3 tags at all.