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How to start using the Zortam Mp3 Media Studio

When you, as a new user first start the program, you probably don’t know what to do first, so we decided to ease up your first steps. The program operates using a unique database so it is first necessary to select the mp3 files whose data will be saved in the database, and then determine where the database will be created. So let’s start …

If you have a separate HDD or partition for your mp3 files, you can select the drive from which files will be loaded into the database.

If your mp3 files are saved in a specific folder, you can select it in this way then click on ‘OK’.

If you click on the button with three dots it will open a pop-up window where you can select your specific folder.

Our advice to all new users is to first create a separate folder and copy in it a couple of albums with songs, create a separate database for test and try working with the program. If for some reason you make a mistake when editing your tags, you still have your original file in a safe place. Naturally, tags can always be repaired, but excessive changes of tags of the same file can end up with corrupted file.

The next step is creating a unique database which will have information about the path of your mp3 files. In the upper left corner, click on ‘File’ and choose the ‘Save Mp3 Library As’.

Your database can be stored on any location you find secure and suitable for storing. Our advice is to create your database on another HDD or partition so it can be usable after possible reinstallation of your operating system.

Now we open a new window like the picture below. Write the name of your future database and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Note that your database has a unique extension .zor

You have now created your database and you can start tagging your mp3 files.