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Get Your MP3 Tags in Order

Eric Solomon Email 12.15.06

Every obsessive digital music collector feels a warm sense of pride knowing that his vast library of MP3s is tidy and well-tagged.

While the most recent release of iTunes featured the player’s most robust song file tag-editing capability to date, there are still many other options available for managing a music collection. In fact, anyone who rips CDs outside of iTunes, downloads songs from Russian MP3 sites or — gasp — doesn’t own an iPod would find a viable alternative to Apple Computer’s media player quite welcome.

Many lesser-known music library managers simply offer more tagging features than iTunes, such as the ability to obtain artist biographies, automatically retrieve album art from a variety of sources and even fetch song lyrics.

Wired News has assembled some of the best and most popular stand-alone ID3 tag editors for this review. Before we get started, here’s a quick primer on what ID3 tags are and what these editors do.

Your music files’ metadata — song title, artist name and so on — is stored in a tiny companion file called an ID3 container. Two standards of ID3 exist, and some tag editors feature tools to smoothly migrate from the older ID3v1 tag standard to the newer ID3v2 standard. While ID3v1 only allowed fields for title, artist, album, a brief comment, year and a mere 80 different genres, ID3v2 expanded support to include album art, beats-per-minute data, lyrics and other arbitrary text. ID3v2 also added UTF-8 support, so you can be sure that Björk’s umlaut shows up properly.

All of the editors we reviewed support MP3, but a number also support other codecs such as Ogg Vorbis, FLAC lossless audio, Microsoft’s WMA format and the emerging AAC standard. The different tag editors also gather metadata — typically from freedb or — with varying levels of efficiency.

We’ll begin with Windows software, then look at Mac and Linux options.

Zortam ID3 Tag Editor
Windows only
$20, shareware
The Zortam ID3 Tag Editor, in addition to having a name that sounds like a rejected Superman villain, has one of the busier interfaces in the lineup. Zortam displays a folder list, media library window, track listing and ID3v2 and ID3v1 windows. While the complicated controls enable one to find the more difficult stuff like cover art, song lyrics and even editorial reviews from Amazon, the hefty interface works against the user too often. The simple act of editing a solitary tag involves too many right-clicks and checkboxes.

Batch editing works as expected, and Zortam will even try to construct tags for you by parsing songs’ file names. Automation is limited to cover art and lyric retrieval, so you’ll have to enter things like the year of release manually. Zortam can do plenty of tricks, like convert ID3v1 tags to ID3v2, but the developers should get the more practical automation tools nailed down before adding more advanced features.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio review

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio, is a music software solution, using which you can find and download album cover art, lyrics, and other meta data, like: title, artist name, genre, album name, year etc. You often download or get some mp3, which doesn’t have album cover art, artist, or even title of the track. This music software is a complete solution to those type of issues. This little software can automatically find the album cover art, lyrics, and other meta tags for the mp3, saved locally in your PC. And, that too in batches or, one song at a time. Plus, you can also manually enter or change the meta tags (track’s information) and, choose desired album cover art for the tracks.

Also, this software can help you find the duplicate of the songs and then, lets you delete the duplicates from within the software, itself. In addition to this, you can even normalize the mp3’s and, make them play at same volume. And to check that, you can use the software’s inbuilt music player, that has all the necessary playback control buttons.
Find album cover art, lyrics, and fix incorrect mp3 tags using Zortam Mp3 Media Studio:

This music software, certainly is a very good solution for those who are looking for a solution to find mp3’s album cover art or, track lyrics. There are multiple reasons, that makes this software a complete music software. First of all, it has the ability to automatically identify the mp3 files, and then batch download and attach album cover art, lyrics, and other track information like, artist, title, year, track number, genre, composer, copyright etc. This cuts out all the extra labor and time, and makes your job simple and easy. All that is required from your side is, select the folder that has mp3s and, click on one-single button Zortam Autotag. The software does rest of the job.

The software also lets you find the duplicates of mp3s, using the filenames or their tags. And then, lets you delete them from within the software itself. Simply, click on the Search for duplicate Mp3’s button present in tools bar, and then choose the folder, select the search option, and click OK. The software automatically finds all the duplicate mp3s, based on the search presets, and then lists them in a new window. You can then, either delete them from the software’s library or, completely delete the mp3s copies.

Key features of this free mp3 player:

Completely free.
A complete software solution for finding and batch add album cover art, lyrics, and track tags.
Option to find and add album cover art, lyrics, and tags separately.
Option to edit and fix incorrect tag information.
Search for mp3 copies and delete them.
Normalize mp3s volume to one same volume.
Inbuilt mp3 player with all playback controls.
Simple and lightweight.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio, is a pretty decent software. However, it’s a not complete music solution software, because, there are few times, when it didn’t give any result for album cover arts, and lyrics. Other than these few cases, it did work well. Also, rest of the features, did work well, and collectively makes it a good free software.


Zortam Mp3 Media Studio at July Edition



Zortam Media Studio je všestranný pomocník pro automatizaci práce s hudebními soubory, který ušetří spoustu práce. Plná verze – Chip 07/2016.

Domácí hudební knihovny obsahují tisíce skladeb, které je třeba manuálně přejmenovávat a nastavovat jejich informace. Proč nenechat organizaci na šikovném programu?

Zortam MP3 Media Studio PRO je odborníkem na práci s MP3 soubory a na organizaci vaší hudební knihovny. Ušetří uživatelům značný kus práce díky svým automatickým funkcím, kterými dokáže hromadně přidávat obaly alb a zjišťovat MP3 tagy skladeb, na jejichž základě přejmenuje i samotné soubory. Mezi další nástroje patří například výpočet rychlosti skladby BPM (úhozů za minutu), hromadná normalizace hlasitost či integrovaný MP3 přehrávač se zobrazením slov skladby a s vizualizátorem v reálném čase. Pro automatizaci ripování z hudebních CD program nabízí kompletní řešení tvorby MP3 souborů, včetně obalu alba, slov, MP3 tagů a adekvátního jména souborů. Pro lepší organizaci lze skladby řadit dle libovolných parametrů a využít funkcí na mazání duplikátů a na export celé MP3 knihovny do dalších programů nebo do textových souborů pro tvorbu playlistů.


Zortam Media Studio is a versatile assistant to automate your work with music files, which saves a lot of work. Full version – Chip 07/2016.

Home music libraries contain thousands of songs that you must manually rename and adjust their information. Why not let the organization to conveniently program?

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Pro is an expert in working with MP3 files and organize your music library. This saves users considerable work thanks to its automatic functions, which can collectively add album covers and MP3 tags to identify songs based on which renames itself and files. Other tools include calculation speed tracks BPM (strokes per minute), mass normalization volume and an integrated MP3 player is displaying words and songs in real-time visualizer. To automate the ripping of CD music program offers a complete solution for creating MP3 files, including album art, words, MP3 tags and filenames adequate. For better organization you can sort songs according to any parameters and use functions for deleting duplicates and to export the entire MP3 library into other programs or into text files for creating playlists.