Re: 5.01 Pro

Zortam Support

Aries Wrote:

> IS there any way to modify the pulldown “Genre”
> List. I have several Genre choices I would like
> to use that are not in the list and do not want to
> have to enter them manually on file at a time.
> Thanks

I have the same problem with the Genre tag, it’s not enough to enter the tag I want, but I want it to be used over and over again, there’s a lot of tags which I don’t use and would like to get rid of, that will say — to delete them from the list.
Would it be possible to have the genre’s as a file in which you can edit what you want.
If you want to modify a lot of songs, you have to do it one at the time, and that’s a lot of work when you have 10000++ number to edit.
Greetings from Denmark