Re: Album Artist

Zortam Support

I don’t understand the organization/design of you Album list, especially in the case of composition albums with multiple artists.

First, why doesn’t your Album list simply list the name of each albums in the library, in alphabetical order, as one might expect? Instead, your Album list is in alphabetical order BY ARTIST, with each entry listing the artist’s name followed by a hyphen and the album name (for example, Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA”. This makes it difficult to find a specific album by name (since the Album list is NOT in alphabetical order by album). You already provide an Artist list that lets me see a list of all artists in my library (in alphabetal order by artist name). I like having the artist’s name appear with the album name (especially for “generic” album titles, such as “Greatest Hits”), but I I would like to see each item listed with the album name first, followed by the artist’s name in parentheses, such as “Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen)”.

The biggest problem with your “Artist – Album” listing scheme is how you handle multi-artist compilation albums. When I view the Album list, those types of albums seems to appear next to one (but only one) of the album’s artists, apparently selected at random. For example, the album “Classic Rock 1964” in my MP3 library is listed in the Album list as “Bobby Fuller Four – Classic Rock 1964”. Bobby Fuller Four is one of many different artists with tracks on that album, yet the album only appears next to that single artist in the list.

Using my recommended “Album (Artist)” format, these types of compilation albums should be listed with the album name first followed by “(Various)” or “(Various Artists)”, such as “Classic Rock 1964 (Various).”

Finally, please consider using a better (albeit more complex) sorting scheme for listing artists, albums and song titles. Artists should be listed in “Lastname, Firstname” format, in the case of a single artist (Springsteen, Bruce” instead of “Bruce Springsteen”). Artists or titles that begin with an article (“A”, “An”, “The”, etc.) should be sorted WITHOUT the article, so that artists like “The Beatles” are sorted as “Beatles” and “A Hard Day’s Night” as “Hard Day’s Night”. I realise this is more a complex sorting scheme, but it would makes it much easier to locate specific titles and names in large lists.

Thanks for considering these suggestions.