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I recently purchased your application and it is great! Over the years I have burned many of my CDs to MP3s. However I was lazy or sloppy to record all the correct tag information necessary to manage and identify MP3s accurately. So now that I have 3,500 songs with the Track Names and Artists information only, I would love to get some artwork and album names as easily as possible. Since I am new to your wonderful application, I apologize if I am missing something that makes it easy within your application to gather this additional items automatically or through a selection criteria.

I saw this thread and believe I may be experiencing the same issues as above. Even though the Artwork, Artist, and Title may exist on, I have found that the slightest change in any value including case sensitive items may return no results. For example, when I had a Title “Into The Night” using your handy “Case Sensitive” feature (which I love) it return no result. When I modify the Title tag to “Into the Night” it returns with a value. I find it difficult to ascertain the exact case sensitivity to a tag to make a match perfect for a look-up against Amazon, which really become difficult when artists changes the capitation of track or album titles due to an effect they wish to create.

Just a thought or suggestion, is it possible to create wildcard character within the tag or have the application submit variations of the tag for case-sensitive, tag erroneous spacing and other situations? Or perhaps instead of returning a no result, is there a way to return the closest results based upon the a few required tags (like Artist and Track Name), so that the user could choose the best or most appropriate album, album art, title, track, etc?

Sorry for the long-winded questions. I have one other question unrelated to this topic, is there a way for albums to have one tag disseminate or copy various tag values and Album Art to several other MP3 files that will save on the look-up process. I.E. I look-up one track from entire Album and gather all the title information and Art, then can I copy that to the remaining 10 tracks from that same album?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you…