Re: Filename to Tag Tool

Zortam Support

Just a note on the filename to tag tool and some suggestions:

The tool uses %1 through %6 to handle artist, title, album, track number, genre, and year. I had a bunch of mp3’s that looked like “Various – 15 – John Ottman – This Concludes Our Broadcast Day” and I wondered for a few minutes how to set the track number, artist, and title while discarding the unneedded “Various” part of the filename.

I eventually figured it out – I set the “Various” to %7. Zortam completely ignored it, setting my tags exactly as I wanted them!

This tool does need some work, though. I’d really like to see more % numbers used for other fields, like comments, for instance. Also, it is a little counterintuitive such as when it encounters fields with a dash in them or when there are filenames with a slash or just double spaces used to separate title and artist. Despite this, t’s a great feature obviously.