Re: How to change volume of normalizad files

Zortam Support

You will need to set in General preferences dialog new volume for normalization.
Default is 89.0 dB.

For example if you wish to increase volume to 98.5 dB, just enter it into Normalization section of General preferences dialog.

We suggest you before applying new normalization level to do undo previous normalization of normalized files using UnDo Normalization options from menu.
That will return files in previous state before normalization.

After that just select files you wish to normalize with new level and that’s it.

You can always see what is your current normalization level on status bar.

Information about last normalization are saved in tag. So be aware when you are doing new normalization to do undo
previous normalization.

You can normalize already normalized files with new volume, but in that case if volume difference between new and previous
normalization is to high you will lost on quality.

So our suggestion is normalize your files as many times as you wish but after setting new normalization level first
do undo of previous normalization.

Zortam Support