Re: Is there a way to Queue tracks?

Zortam Support

What I did was to create a small batch file in my Winamp install folder, named

C:Program FilesWinampwinamp-enqueue.bat

This batch file contains only one line :

“C:Program FilesWinampwinamp.exe” /ADD %1

and I pointed Zortam MP3 Media Studio Pro (7.65) to use this batch file via

Alt-O (open options)
General Preferences (Tab)
(unchecked Use Integrated Zortam Mp3 Player)
Mp3 Player Path : set to
C:Program FilesWinampwinamp-enqueue.bat

(or whatever you names your batch file to above)

and clicked OK. Yes, a black DOS box comes up momentarily, but now Zortam doesn’t overwrite my mp3 playlist in winamp when I play (Ctrl-P) an .mp3 file from within Zortam.

Simply trying to add various combinations of /Add to the winamp command in the config window didn’t work, so old batch programming skills to the rescue :)