Re: Mp3 MediaStudio and Windows2000 SP3

Zortam Support

Hi All,
I just like to confirm that I have the same problem like all the others: it doesn’t run under WIn2K SP4 at all.
I have seen in other threads that this might be related to WinAmp: I have just installed Win2k SP4 brand new – no WinAmp, no MusicMatch, no whatsoever “music software” (but Nero). I have also renamed the WNASPI.dll in the MP3STudio directory so it’s not being used.

I have bought this software some time ago but never really had the time to use it a lot – but I think it’s a great piece of software.

Zortam, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE solve that issue with Win2k SP3/4!!!
Just today I looked around again on the web and still believe it’s the best MP3 tag solution around – it just doesn’t work anymore on my PC (and many others)!