Re: Mp3 MediaStudio and Windows2000 SP3

Zortam Support

I have problems with it too: W2000 SP4.
It works for some time but when i browse a directory for a minute or two, windows closes it down with “mp3mediastudio has generated errors and will be shut down”.
However this particular directory has cca. 9000 files (39 GB) in it.

I suggest we post our specs, maybe there’s something in common?

W2000 SP4
mp3medastudio 3.0 trial
DFI KT400A Infinity & Athlon 2700
Kingmax DDR333 2×256MB
Terratec Sixpack 5.1 soundcard
Radeon 9000 VIVO
2 disks attached to HP RAID controller, CD&DVD on sec. onboard channel.

The rest shouldn’t really matter.

Super stable system, never crashes anything, latest BIOS & drivers.