Re: Requested feature in 5.85

Zortam Support

Thanks for the quick response

1) Bug – not question. Options/General Pref/Remove next special chars from id3 tags option defaults to containing the “/” char (and “?”). EAC (and presumably other rippers) use track#/track total (ex. 05/12) as the V2 track tag. When you go and edit some other tag like genre other than track using ctrl-r, it converts the “/” to a “_” (ex. 05_12). Removing “/” from the translation list prevents that. I ruined a couple samples before I realized the format was mangled and figured out why

2) Definitely a bug – I tried on two or three albums to verify. The V1 tags are correct because I worked around the problem by bulk copying all V1 tags to V2(which were all empty before) and then doing alt-v again which worked fine and found lyrics/covers

3) Sorry for the confusion – I’m talking about the V1 and V2 edit panels that default to the bottom of the screen. They only modify the last clicked MP3 even if several are highlighted in the main list. Intuitively, it should show common tags for all highlighted MP3s which is normally just Genre, Artist and possibly Album. The common use for this is to patch up Genre quickly, because so many Freedb genre’s are wrong or at least different per album from the same artist. This would be much faster than doing ctrl-r/move mouse toclick genre checkbox/choose genre/hit ok