Re: small suggestion

Zortam Support

looks like I left one out:

when adjusting the volume zortam seems to work with a commandline util mp3gain.exe. This is all fine and dandy under normal circumstances but since it can be a lengthy process to do alot of music, it would be nice if there was some way that users could setup zortam to possibly launch that application at a specific starting windows process priority. Manually setting it inside of taskman is fruitless since it starts/stops the app each song. This way the machine will remain useable for the however length of time it is processing audio.

As far as the sfv/par2 creation I found there IS a commandline par utility, and actually a single application out there DOES exist called “sweep” that will par2 folders like I was saying. Looks like its the only one of its kind in existance as far as I can see for now