Re: small suggestion

Zortam Support

Thank you :-) . I had a few ideas on different things that seemed like good ideas to me. Whether or not you implement them its obviously your choice. Few other ideas just to toss around floating in my head.

Adding case to the ctrl-r mass ID3 tag change. It is found under just the “tagging” button but it wouldnt be bad if it was there just for “ease of use”

folder creations based on filename or id3 tag

“write id3 tag from filename” options to create edit and delete schemes. If the naming scheme we need is not in the drop down list it isnt something that would have to be typed in the custom field manually every time

Ability to remove 0s preceeding the track number (for example some tracks are labeled as 02, others as 2 – This would make it easier to standardize your track #s)

Ability to remove preceeding spaces inserted in track name, artist, etc. fields. This is sometimes put in there when creating id3 from filename.

Color coded filtering based on your specifics (I.E. for example one could show tracks -128kbs as red 128-192 as orange and 192+ as green, or by length, artist, missing tag, whatever other things people would want to)

Maybe possible sfv creation or .par creation in each mp3sets respective folder. This might be possible through commandline output to a third party exe or just embedded. Whether or not this could easily be done is a whole different story.

*Bug I noticed. When selecting the fields using the tab key under “write id3 tag from filename” it doesnt seem to go in a logical order selecting custom tags last.

*Bug I noticed. Spelling errr on “tagging error” error message.
“some files are not correctly updated.
Those tags should be cleared with [Clear All ID3 Tags] optinos”