Re: Sorting Problem – only at myself?

Zortam Support

I have a sorting problem as well, but not exactly the same one.

The program should include smart sort for all columns. Let me explain.

When you have your db sorted by artist, you can press any letter of the alphabet and it will jump to that artist. For example, if on your screen, you are sorted by artist and you’re currently viewing artist that begin with the letter A and you want to jump to an artist that begins with the letter R (ie: Rolling Stones), you simply press the “r” key and it will take you to the start of the “r artists”. ZMM already HAS this feature.

However, it should be the same for all other columns.

For example, if your columns are sorted by song title, you should be able to press the letter R and go to the first song title that begins with the letter R. Same for the Album, Genra, Folder, etc columns.