Re: Suggestion for CD ripping

Zortam Support

I have been thinking about this as well. At a minimum you should be able to name RIPS the same as you can do a Rename from ID3 tags. The drop down list should contain the same values (including the ability to customize the format) as in the Rename Dialog.

On a related note, is it possible to rename to a different “Tree”. For instance I have a jumbled mess of directories that don’t follow my filing scheme. I would like to rename the files into a new Directory Hierarchy such that everything in that directory is known to conform to my scheme.

Try as I might, I can’t get the custom rename to do anything other than rename starting in the files current directory. Is this possible or a needed feature?

This is what I want:
c:messArtistAlbumTitle -> c:fixedArtistAlbumTitle

Instead I end up with:
c:messArtistAlbumTitle -> c:messArtistAlbumC_ArtistAlbumTitle