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The ID3v1 tag occupies 128 bytes, beginning with the string TAG. To maintain compatibility with older media players the tag was placed at the end of the file.
The small tag size only allowed for 30 bytes for the title, artist, album, and a “comment”, 4 bytes for the year, and a byte to identify the genre of the song from a list of 80 values (Winamp later extended this list to 148 values). Long song or album titles were simply truncated.
Track number accepts only numeric values(1,2,3) so you can not add leading zero before track number as you can do with ID3v2 tags (0x – 01,02,03).


ID3v2 tags are of variable size, and usually occur at the start of the file, to aid streaming media. They consist of a number of frames, each of which contains a piece of metadata. Frames can be 16MB in length.
In the latest ID3v2 standard there are 84 frames, and applications can also define their own. There are standard frames for containing cover art, BPM, copyright and license, lyrics, and arbitrary text and URL data, as well as other things.

Way to go:

A lot of Mp3s are tagged only with ID3v1 tags so Zortam use options to copy information from ID3v1 to ID3v2 tags. After that you can use information from mp3 filename to fill other tags, batch change and replace options for specific frame, add lyrics,cover arts, normalize mp3’s, etc.

There are still some old Mp3 players that supports only ID3v1 tags.
So we could say ID3v1 is still active because of backword compatibility issues.

Today Mp3 Players, iPod, portable Mp3 players are using ID3v2 tags, because you can save to ID3v2 tags text fileds(frames) that are long more then 30 chars, add lyrics, add cover arts (jpg pictures) etc.

So solution is simple tag your Mp3’s using ID3v2 tags.

You can keep both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags in file. ID3v1 tags are located at end of mp3 file and ID3v2 tags are located at the top of mp3 file.

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