Re: Wish list

Zortam Support

Patrick Salbaing wrote:
> While your product is the best valuye for the buck around,
> ther are issues I would like to see resolve in a later release
> 1) I download most my songs in a separate directory, clean
> them up with MEdia Studio and then store them in their
> appropriate directory. I wish I could drag and drop the
> cleaned-up files directly but as it stands I have to use
> Windows to do it.
> 2) Some files have parentheses and I would like to have those
> removed when I name tags.
> 3)I don’t get a message when a file has left a directory or
> I try to rename a file twice by the same name and often
> crashes because of it. There is no setable refresh time
> directory button.
> Keep up the good work
> P.
> Montreal QUEBEC