Re: Wish list

Zortam Support

I would like to see the following features added to your already good program.

1. The ability to use the folder name in the tag replacement. I have each album in a separte folder names as : Artist – Album (year) and would like to be able to grab this info when updating the tags

2. Be able to clear certain fields in a tag list, not the entire tag. I would like to get rid of all the comments in the ID3v1 tags.

3. As some others have stated, allow any character that isn’t a field identiifer to be filtered out ie: (%1).%4_-_%2 would ignore the brackets, decimals, underscors and hyphens

4. Need to be able to select genres that aren’t in the list. Or to add entries to the list such as Christmas or Pop/Rock

5. Allow a place holder in the tag replacement. ie : %4-%d-%2. the %d would simply be ignored

6. In the ID3v1 tag editor it doesn’t allow as many characters in the title field as it does when you do a tag replacement. Since the tag replacement will allow the longer file names, I should be able to enter in that many characters as well.

7. The folder sort order needs to be fixed. It is showing m:musicHenry Rollins, followed by m:musicJohn Mellencamp, then another Henry Rollins, then another John Mellencamp etc.