Re: Zortam 12.60 – Clear/Delete ID3v1

Zortam Support

Thank you for being so kind as to let me know and also explain.
I really missed that function and I’m really happy it came back…though differently than it was implemented in the past.

Please don’t get me wrong on this but wouldn’t it be more intuitive (especially for new users) to reintroduce the “old good” Delete ID3v1 & v2 respectively ?

Having to select “Delete ALL Tags” from [ID3 Tagging]/”Tag Operations” menu might be confusing for some users, not realising the fact that “ALL” means & affects only the tags in correspondence with [Show ID3v1] or [Show ID3v2] selection above (which some might not even see).

I would suggest (re)introducing the “Delete ID3v1” & “Delete ID3v2” options above the “Delete All Tags” option in [ID3 Tagging Menu], this way eliminating any confusion or having the user (pre)select anything anywhere.
The same would be of course applied to “Tag Operations” options accessed via Mouse2 button or CTRL+F3.

In short, I think that (re)implementing the old manner would be more obvious for everyone and wouldn’t require a “3 step guide” but a simple selection/push of a button.
Just a (long) thought :)

Otherwise, a magnificent software WITH actual customer support (which is rare these days).