8.10/8.15 bug report

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    Here is a list of bugs I found this weekend while finally getting back to cleaning part of my mp3 collection

    1) If files are read-only, mp3studio either fails silently w/o an error msg or sometimes says something about clearing all tags. This one took me quite a while to figure out…

    2) V2 track tags in the form of xx/yy prevent you from renaming files using the track #. I name all my files track-name with the track # always 2 digits for sorting purposes in explorer

    3) if using V1 tags, it would be nice to rename files using a 2 digit track #. I had to manually edit songs 1-9 w/ a preceding 0, rename and then remove the 0

    4) if errors occur during autotagging (see next bug), a random genre is chosen

    5) *** auto-tagging and batch lyric/cover search fail randomly, especially for more than one mp3. The first mp3 usually works, but subsequent files often fail. I even had to try operations 2 or 3 times for a single mp3 however to get all information. There is never an error msg, just missing information noted by having different highlight colors

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