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      When deleting pictures from the MP3 file, the line colour doesn’t change. I have to read another folder then re-read the original for it to update. An F5 button function in Zortam would help.
      The ‘Change/Clear/Replace Any Tag’ function would be easier to use if there was an inversion option for the tick boxes, or better still the previous defaults were retained, rather than having to tick lots of boxes each time.
      The ID3v1 Artist & Title boxes would benefit from having a better filter on the contents. If I copy from ID3v2 I get long text strings, but if I try to change the string by deleting a character I get a beep and then can’t enter any more text. If I type the text from scratch I cannot get anything like the string length copied from ID3v2. The ID3v1 limits should be better represented.
      VBR bit rates should be shown with a tilde (~).
      The toolbar should be customisable.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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