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      I have cover art on hard disc and want to add it to the mp3 files. Have been working on this for a couple of days and can’t get it done correctly.It seems that some of the art work was picked up when the files were added and am not sure how that happened. Several problems have resulted as follows:
      1. Some of the art work was picked up incorrectly and needs to be corrected.
      2. In some cases the art work shows up in the tag section but does not show up in the view section and in some cases the opposite is true.
      3. On A two disc set many times the art work for the second disc in the set is not picked up.
      I looked thru the forum for some direction and all the the stuff that is supposed to be there isn’t. The space in the tag area that is supposed to give you choices for load,delete etc. isn’t there.
      Also is anyone haveing problems with the player. when trying to play a track i get an error access violation and program is terminated.
      Have all of library on Catraxx, but there were some features of Zortam i Liked, but now i am not sure.
      If anyone can help please do so

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