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      Zortam Support


      I’ve found Zortam very nice, I’m regeistered after only one day of intensive use, but… I’m Italian and I hear much italian music.

      Well, a good number of my italian’s mp3 is found from Zortam Lyrics and/or Cover Art search tool, but not all.
      If I search with google, I can found a big part of exluded songs. Well I shoul copy and paste all data.
      My ask is: why we cant add other lyrics and coverart servers?

      Thank you,

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      Zortam Support

      Right now we are using three different servers for lyrics search if you know a good one we will implemented it in our server lists. From version six you will be able to choose which lyrics and covert search server you would like to use.

      In this case users will choose servers that can find more lyrics for their specific language. For example there is lyrics server with more Italian, Latino music.

      Of course if you have 10 servers for search it is time consuming operation so there will be possibility to chose which servers to use. If you are searching for Italian music you will include this server and exclude servers that are searching for other languages.

      So it would be helpful if our user can suggest us some good lyrics sites.

      Zortam Suppport

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      Zortam Support

      I can wait new version (well… when?)

      I send you some servers for italian (and foreigner too) lyrics and covers:



      Thank you!

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      Zortam Support

      has the option of selecting the lyrics server been implemented? I am Brazilian, I`d like to include Brazilian servers as well.
      Thank you

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