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      Zortam Support

      1) We will implement also album search via Amazon in our next release. Thanks for your suggestion.

      2) The best way is to use Zortam CD Ripper within program. It will write ID3v1, ID3v2 tags plus it will automatically download lyric and cover arts to ID3v2 tags.
      So you just need to put CD in CD drive and that’s it.

      CD Rippers are using CDDB(freeDB) servers for retrieving album information.
      ID3v1 tags can accept only 29 chars per field. So the best way is to use ripper that writes ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags at the same time as Zortam CD Ripper does.
      You can use options copy ID3v1 to ID3v2 tags for tagging your ID3v2 tags.

      Zortam CD Ripper has advantage because it automatically downloads lyric and cover arts from the internet to your ID3v2 tags, so its actually using several servers (CDDB, Amazon,lyrics servers) for tagging correctly ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.
      So once when you have your Mp3’s ripped they are completly tagged and also ready for transfer to your iPod or any other Mp3 portable device.

      Zortam Support

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      Zortam Support

      I really like the product so I bought the full version.
      I am wondering about a few things in regards to the integration with Amazon.

      1) It’s nearly impossible to find Compilations. It seems Zortam is checking Amazon just with reference to the Artist. So no luck for any Sampler. Is there any chance to influence the search to check for Album titles or may be the Amazon ID could be entered manually.

      2) My ripped CDs usually have a ID3v1 tag. Using Zortam and going for ID3v2 tags I am looking for a possibility to update e.g. track title (as it was cut in ID3v1). Is there any change to do this kind of update? How is the Amazon tag update working anyway? I just get the pictures and text but no tag update.

      Cheers, Joe

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