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      I just recently started using Zortam and it’s been working great so far! However, I noticed this one small problem. Whenever I use the batch tag writing tools (Batch lyrics finder, Batch cover art finder, Autotagger) characters like ´ seem to be messed up.
      For example, I have a couple of mp3’s by Antonin Dvorák and when I use the autotagger (and it finds information) the ‘á’ is displayed as a box. The strange thing is, I can use the tag editor to correct the problem and it writes it just fine.
      I had a look at the internals of the mp3 (via hex-editing) and the character code for the ‘á’ was wrong. It was 0xE1FF while it should be 0xE100.

      I hope this is a fixable problem because I really love the program and I’d like to continue to use it.

      Oh, and I’m using version 7.10 (I’ve been testing earlier versions too but they had the same problem).

      Thank you

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      Zortam Support


      Thank you for your suggestion. We will fix this bug in our next release.

      Zortam Support

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