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    Zortam Support

    I can no longer find Auto Track Number.
    Is this feature still available. It is very important to me.

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    Unfortunately, this option was eliminated from the program.

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    This feature was essential to me as well. For now I will be reverting to a previous version. Will the automatic track numbering function be brought back soon or is it gone for good?

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    After your reaction to think back to this option in the program. The program is rich with possibilities, so we want a smaller or no items to be removed from the program. Unfortunately little response from users, so we’re not quite sure what to leave and what to remove. In the future, we will conduct a survey to see which users are most used and which may throw.

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    Zortam Support

    Press Ctrl+T to auto fill song track numbers.

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    Auto Track Number was extremely important to me. I have been trying to find another program that will do it as nicely as Zortam.
    I have been looking for months to find what I was doing wrong that caused the Auto Track Number to go away.
    I work with audio books that often have hundreds of tracks. It is very time consuming to manually enter the track numbers

    PLEASE PUT Auto Track Number Back !!!

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