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    I am using Studio Pro 6.76 which I have purchased. When I select to Burn a Cd from any play list , the Zortam Burn Cd playlist or by selecting files I get no error or menu and nothing happens. I have a blank CD in my burner but no menu appears like in the screenshots I have found here in the forum. It’s almost like the Zortam software does not not know that I have a CD burner . Is there an option somewhere which I can not find , where I must define my burner ?

    HELP !

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    Zortam Support


    First check if the CD Writer is properly installed in order not to have a hardware problem. Also check if you can actually write a CD with the CD Burner which is included in Windows.
    Zortam should work. Check in the status bar, after you click the Burn to CD menu item, to see what message appears (Waiting for device to be ready…).

    Zortam Support

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