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    I have a couple quetions about CDDB lookups. First of all, most of my mp3, I elected not to put ID3 tags onto when I ripped them. I have regretted this mistake and have neither the time nor the patience to re-rip everything I have. I would like to be able to take the filenames I have, most of which are formatted [artist] – title) and have several things happen. I would like for a CDDB lookup to occur so that the ID3 tag can be properly populated with as much info as is available. Also, The filename should be able to change format (change to [aritist - album] # – title or some such). Is there an option to do this that I’m not seeing (wouldn’t surprise me, but I haven’t seen this ability in any programs I’ve looked at) or is this something that is not feasible or is there just no one else dumb enough to write mp3s without writing tags who also for some odd reason likes to use [] in filenames?

    On a completly unrelated note, I have the new Counting Crows cd and tried to rip it, but your software insists that it is, in fact, a data cd and therefore greys out all the buttons except for “New CD”.

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    Zortam Support

    I have also tried to do a CDDB lookup with my O Brother Where Art Thou CD that has data tracks on it to no avail. Can this be resolved?

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