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    Zortam Support


    I really like your product, which seems to work – where the -many, many- others
    fail ! :).

    on one point however (unfortunately key to me), it doesn’t seem to work [& I
    checked the FAQ - see below] :

    * covers shown in my iTunes only partially show in Zortam (even after
    changing the ID3v2 image vizualisation option to “Others(iPod)”; * I have
    covers in 95% of my iTunes, but only 1 in 5/10 shows in Zortam [however what
    shows in Zortam turns up in iTunes 100% of times - that's good] * that’s a
    bit of a concern, because if I use Zortam to manage my tags (which I want),
    I’ll end up replacing lots & lots of my current covers (with an
    ‘automatic’/blind replacement, which may be very good, but not fail-proof -
    so I’d rather keep the existing image if there is one, because it means I
    manually approved it)

    FYI :

    * I’m using : iTunes (latest), Zortam 10.70, Windows 7 [I know
    Zortam is not supporting this yet - but don't expect this bug to stem from
    that] * I have read the FAQ – One items refers to this issue (see below -
    supposedly solved), but it does unfortunately not work in my case.

    Let me know if you need any further info on my library (3000+ items, iTunes
    tagged) or whatever.

    & Please let me have your suggestion/solution (I’d be happy to recommend your
    product, which brings an answer many people still seem to long for -lyrics
    update- , without finding a satisfactory answer )

    Thanks !

    All my MP3 files have Album Cover (I can see it on Itunes and Ipod 5G) but I do
    not see any of them in the dedicated Zortam window (ID3V2 tags) ? I can
    obviously add a new picture but I do not want to redo that for 3500 songs (even
    if Zortam is really powerful) The rest of the tags are ok ? do you have any idea
    of what might be the problem?

    We have resolved this problem with iTunes in version 10. iTunes by default saves
    Album art in ID3 picture tag called Others. In Zortam Mp3 Media Studio go to
    ID3V2 tags ans select [All Pictures]-[Select Photo], and choose from combobox
    [Others] and you will be able to see album arts saved via iTunes.

    ID3 standard has values for picture tags: 0 – Others 3 – Cover Album Art 4 -
    Back Cover etc.

    For some reason iTunes saves album art to “Others” picture tag. So all pictures
    from iTunes are visible in Zortam Mp3 Media Studio at “Others” Picture tag in
    ID3V2 view. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio saves picture to “Front Cover”(3) picture
    tag and also to “Others”(0) picture tag, so Album arts are visible on iPod and
    any other portable Mp3 player. We recomend to use Zortam for batch entering
    picture arts and lyric to ID3 tags. All arts and lyric entered by Zortam are
    visible in iTunes and iPod and any other portable Mp3 player.
    If you save arts with iTunes it will be visible in Zortam as “Others” picture tag.

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    Zortam Support

    You just need to run consolidate library function from menu, starting from version 10.75 if you are changing tags from another program.

    You also must know how does iTunes works:

    iTunes 7 will automatically search the iTunes Music Store for artwork, and if any is available it will add it to your files. The problem is that iTunes doesn’t add the artwork to the actual ID3 tag within each file. Thus, the artwork is visible only to iTunes.

    The workaround is a manual one, but it’s quick and easy—and it works! The only step the author neglected to mention is that you have to start one of the album tracks playing so the artwork will appear. Also, this works only with entire albums, not individual tracks. Thanks, Sheppy! — Rick Broida

    Read more about it at:

    Zortam Support

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