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    As everybody tries to keep their library of music in order, having a uniform look for covers become a prime need… especially when that library is being output visually on a Media Center screen.

    I’ve used just about all the Tagging software in the market including Zortam, with each having their pros and cons but yet one very needed feature is not included in none of them: Cover Resizing.
    When getting covers from Amazon in automatic mode in tags program, they just grab whatever picture that Amazon associates with that files. So, without a feature to keep the covers looking at the same resolutions (let’s say 300×300 pixels) then the collection end up being inconsistent when someone browse through it by album covers; some album are big (500×500) some are medium (300×300) and some relatively small (160xwhatever), so everything keeps jumping from one size to the other…with no consistency.
    It’s weird that none of these pogram developers (including Zortam) haven’t thought of such a feature?
    Zortam already have cover finder great, it just needs to give the customer a way to set the covers to a certain resolution before they are being save inside the tags (where in my case 300×300 is perfect, someone else might have the need for a different resolution settings)
    I’ve found this one tiny program called … at Cnet but unfortunately the developer (white-bolt) for some reasons has stop distributing it.
    Well, to make this short, I’m begging Zortam to have this feature in the program in its next build…pleeeeeeaaaassseeee.

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    Zortam Support


    Thank you for your suggestion and also for your post. It’s a great idea and we will see forward to implement it in our next release.

    Zortam Support

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    Zortam Support

    Thanks George…
    I have tons of colleagues looking for that one feature, Zortam is and will be the recommended choice.

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