Do I need to buy Zortam Mp3 Player (external)?

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      Please suggest me which is the best MP3 player.

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      I am a registered user of Zortam Pro but now my external MP3 player is asking for a password. When I enter my lifetime password, it refuses it. Why?

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      I have a lifetime license. My external Zortam MP3 Player keeps asking for my license key. when I enter it, it tells me it is invalid. I thought the external MP3 player was free with a lifetime license. Please help right away.

      Thank you

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      Zortam Support


      First of all you don’t need to buy Zortam Mp3 Player (external) version.

      Internal Zortam Mp3 Player [F4] is built in the Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Pro and Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Standard as free Mp3 player with visualizations.
      You can change your default Mp3 Player in [Options] – [General preferences] if you want to use
      Internal Zortam Mp3 Player or any other Mp3 Player that you like.

      External Zortam Mp3 Player(zPlayer.exe) is free for registered users of Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Pro.

      Download Zortam Mp3 Player

      We have done a lot of development to bring to Mp3 Player lyrics and arts mixed with visualization effects(visualizatin plugins).

      We have developed Zortam Visualization SDK (you can add your own visualization using SDK) from:

      More about music visualization:

      Music Visualization – Wikipedia

      Download Zortam Visualization SDK

      You can also add your own static jpeg(jpg) picture backgrounds to Zortam Mp3 Player.

      Static pictures you can add to folder:

      Program FilesZortam Mp3 Media Studioimages

      and visulization plugins to folder

      Program FilesZortam Mp3 Media Studioplugins

      That’s the first player on the market that fully supports lyrics in scrolling mode, showing arts in slide show mode, non-stop randomly playing songs etc.
      For more info visit this page:

      Zortam Mp3 Player

      Zortam Mp3 Player needs DirectX9 to work properly if it is not already installed. You can download DirectX9 drivers from here: Download DirectX9

      Zortam Mp3 Player(External)

      You may also use internal (integrated) Zortam Mp3 Player which is free (F4)


      Zortam Support

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