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    YT search usually returns 20 results but won’t download automatically selected (less than 20 items) items after the first selected item is done.

    Each search result must be manually clicked on to download; and then each previously gotten and converted “done” item must be UNchecked or it will be downloaded and converted again.

    Why aren’t any selected number of videos downloaded automatically and sequentially?

    Frankly, I’d welcome the automatic downloading and conversion of selected videos… from one to the next until “done”, and no more unchecking of done videos and no need to download each selected item manually.

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    Zortam Support

    Type in search box more detail description.

    How to download youtube video and convert it to mp3 file

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    Issue seems fixed.

    To be clear, checking fewer boxes than all of the 20, say, every other box and clicking download, the download stops and does not automatically continue downward to the next checked box. That meant clicking on each selected item for downloading, clicking download and then unchecking the completed download box and repeating those added steps until the chosen downloads are downloaded.

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