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      Hi guys, here’s a feature that would really help when renaming track titles….

      When I highlight all of the tracks in an album and select the “change tags” option, it replaces all of the tags with whatever I type in the field. This is a good feature, but I may not want to replace them, only add to them.

      Let’s say I have 10 albums from one band. 9 of them are studio albums, and 1 is a live album. This alone is not a problem, but when I search for duplicates the track titles from that one live album will show up in the list and I already know that they are not duplicates.

      To counter this, I want to add the following text at the end of the titles: “(live)”. That way, they won’t appear in a search for duplicates and they’ll also be distinguished in my IPOD or Winamp lists.

      The best way to implement this is to add in the option “append” as a radio button in the change tag window. There’s space right above the tag version box to add such an option.

      Additionally, a possible further upgrade to this feature would be another box that highlights when you choose the append option that would choose whether to append as a prefix or a suffix (suffix should be the default).

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