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      I have all of my .mp3s in a single directory but it’s getting unmanageable. I was hoping that the rename feature in zortam would allow me to rename the file to a subdirectory based on the tag information, to help me better sort my music. However when I tried setting up sub-directories it didn’t work. I would love to see this capability in a future update. Example of what I’m talking about below:

      Original file: …My MusicGreen Day – Broken Dreams – 01 – Boulevard of Broken Dreams.mp3

      Rename Rule: %1%3%4-%2

      Desired Result:

      …My MusicGreen DayBroken Dreams1-Boulevard of Broken Dreams.mp3

      Thanks for the great product, and the continued effort you put into it. Always look forward to reading the release notes after a update!


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