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      Zortam Support

      I’ve been using this app for a long time and just recently upgraded to the paid version. Now that I am a paid lifetime user, I would like to air some issues that may or may not be covered here already, but need some sayin’ again:

      – BUG: When copying IDv2 tags to IDv1 tags, the latest release doesn’t actually overwrite the tags even if I have implicitly said so. Same thing if the tag already exists (v1) and I extract the info from the filename.

      – BUG: When I do a Delete Picture From ID3 tags and I have the library functionality turned off, it adds it to the library anyway.

      – ANNOYANCE: Either the documentation for the Filename to Tag function is sadly lacking or the only real delimiter that is recognized by the parser is the dash (-). If I attempt to use spaces (or underscores), it ignores the delimiter.

      – BUG: If there are more than 1 match for the Amazon Cover/Lyrics functionality, it appears that the first one is picked instead of asking the user.

      – SUGGESTION: It would greatly speed up the processing of tags, covers, lyrics, etc if the interface wasn’t being updated with every file change. Turn it all off and you’ll see that the updates are MUCH faster. If you have an issue doing this, make it an option not to update the interface (grids, other dbaware fields).

      – SUGGESTION: Instead of showing blank fields in the CHANGE screen, if all of the files have some commonality, populate the common stuff. Say, if the majority of the selection is called Album ABC, populate the album with ABC. This would make it much more intuitive.

      – BUG: If the user has already entered a key and registered the version, remove the registration buttons from the options. I was initially confused as to whether I had entered the registration information correctly.

      – SUGGESTION: In the File Name to tag function, allow saving/modification of default/selectable formats. While it’s great that the last few versions allowed for the last entry to be saved, it doesn’t help when your dealing with MANY different kinds of filenames.

      – SUGGESTION: Allow tag updating from CDDB. This is basic.

      – SUGGESTION: Autofill track number should ask whether you want to use the raw number, zero padded or the x/y format (x = current track, y = all tracks selected).

      These few things would make this application a serious contender on the library management front. Keep up the good work!

      Bill B.

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