Found an instability to fix in Studio Pro (registered version)

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      I ;’ve been able to isolate this bug and re-produce it fairly readily, being that it’s a randomly occurring bug.

      I have determined that the program frequently crashes when using a certain Hotkey. If I were to select all of the files in a folder by dragging the mouse across the items to select them all, the program behaves as expected. yet in certain folders, using the OS standard: Ctrl+A for ‘select all’ followed by Ctrl+R, the program crashes .. not every time, as it works fine on all of my ripped CD folders. but on other folders, it happens frequently and reliably. (Day in a folder of music by a certain artist.

      My initial thought was damaged MP3s, but they all play fine in every player I try, including the bundled one, with no discernable (audible) defects.

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