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      Zortam Support

      This has been going on for some time, but I figured I would give it some time to be worked out:

      When using the AutoTag or Amazon Search feature on as little as one album of music, the software will intermittently stall (not freeze) on the lyric search. If you click cancel, it will come back eventually, but not until sometimes 10 or 15 minutes have elapsed.

      There are 3 ways to solve this for me:

      1. Allow lyric search to be turned off.
      2. Put in a timeout on the lyric search (like 5-10 seconds) before it moves on
      3. Fix the problem.

      I paid for the app so I could use it to manage my DJ collection on over 49,000 songs (not all loaded into memory at once – that’s not the problem)…but so far the most useful features are faltering a bit.


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