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      Zortam Support

      Hi! I am using Zortam Media Studio Pro intensively since 2 days, after retrieving it from the Giveaway of the Day offer. It is a nice product and I enjoyed using it. Still I would make some improvement suggestions, if I may:

      1. Look and feel
      – Customization of the grid look (font family, size, color), maybe by column
      – Ability to change the look of the lyrics window, based on HTML templates
      – Ability to customize the toolbar (add/remove buttons, small/large icons etc)

      2. Features
      – It would be nice to be able to sort by multiple columns in the grid
      – Applying tags to multiple mp3 fails sometimes for some of the selected files
      – When adding cover art from picture, it would be nice to open by the default the folder of the mp3 file

      3. Menu organization
      – Very difficult to find a logic of the menu organization (to me it looks like a spaghetti menu)
      – File menu refers both to catalog files (New, Open, Save etc) but also to files inside the catalog (Play, Info, etc). I think that it should be a clear distinction between operations with Mp3 library files (new, open, save, clear, consolidate, export) and operations with audio files (search and include in library, play, info, copy, move, delete). Maybe separate menus would be better.
      – View menu should include also the options of the Show tags menu. It is about the same basic functionality: what to display.
      – Edit tag menu is only about displaying the appropriate window. Why not including these options in View menu?
      – ID3 tagging could be reorganized by type of operations – the repetitive options could be presented as Copy Tags with a sub menu (Id3V1->Id3V2 and Id3V2->Id3V1), Change Case with a submenu, etc
      – The Mp3 HTML Report may be better placed along with the export options in the File menu
      – The Tools menu should be structured a little bit by type of tools: file tools (rename using tags, search duplicates, autotag, find on Amazon), cover art tools (apply art, copy pictures, cover finder), lyrics tools (create lyrics book, batch lyric finder, find lyrics) and ripping tools.
      – Maybe Track volume could also fit in Tools menu
      – It would be also nice to get rid of the Buy Pro menu when you already have the Pro version

      This is it. I hope you will find my suggestions helpfull. I would also be interested in translating the software in Romanian – let me know how can I do it.

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      Zortam Support

      This will never appear, but to the person(s) that helped with this once excellent piece of software… you have lost the plot. It does not work properly any more. Sorry but you have lost a fan.

      MAKE IT WORK!!!!!!

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