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      Zortam Support

      Why are the customer request for fixes not being undertaken?
      It appears that once Zortam have your money the interest wains. A request was placed in 2007 for a way of extracting the title from filename. If you use %4 %2 then the track number and title both get the filename. A simple fix and one I am getting fed up with working around.
      Similarly there is still no refresh for renamed files or folders. Having to shut down and re-open is not a workable option.
      Instaed of attempting the whistles and bells, may I suggest you get the core program working. Having a pop-up each time I close is also not clever. TURN IT OFF!
      Instead of posting emails and pestering your customers with begging letters, would you please start updating the software!
      Now looking for alrenative software and giving up with Zortam.

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