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    Zortam Support

    You are right, right now Zortam Mp3 Media Studio saves cover art on two picture tags (cover art – for portable mp3 players and others for iPod).

    In our next release we will add optins to choose where you want to save cover art.

    Right now you can batch delete picture(cover art) from files and save space on your iPod.

    Zortam Support

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    Zortam Support

    Hi guys,

    GREAT product and just what I was looking for, though I am having difficultly getting album art to show on my 60gb Video iPod using WMP 10. Your product performs just fine, but what seems to be the trouble is that WMP sees the Zortam picture tag of “Other” and stores it as “User Defined.” I can only assume that this is the reason the art will not show when using XPlay2 to transfer songs to the iPod. I’d rather not maintain 2 separate libraries thus am trying to avoid using iTunes if possible. Any ideas that might help out here?

    Also, do the two image locations of downloaded art (Front Cover and Other) simply reflect a single image of am I placing 2 separate images into the file contents, thus 2X the image size, ie 60k vs. 30k? And if so, is there any way to ONLY load into the Other location so I’m not wasting valuable iPod space? Just curious.

    Keep up the good work and by the way I’m using the 6.05 version to try this out.



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    Zortam Support

    We have added option in Tools menu “Copy Pictures” in version 6.10 where you can copy pictures between picture tags. Now you can copy Front Cover to Others(iPod, iTunes) or vise versa for all 15 picture tags.

    In General Options you can check check boxes if you want to download picture to Cover Art or/and Other picture tag. That saves a lot of valuable space for iPod users, because they don’t need to save the same picture twice.

    Once again thank you for your suggestion.

    Zortam Support

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