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      I am attempting to rename files in a standard format, but have run into some bugs with ID3V2 track numbering. This occurs for tracks in the form xx/yy which is quite common. My preferred file name is “xx-track name” with a 2 char track # so that sorting works

      1) The default substitution character set includes / which is a valid track character. This means that if you change any other tag in an mp3, Zortam changes the character to an _ which destroys the track value. The substition set really should just be used for path names or else have a separate, less restrictive set for tags vs filenames

      2) Auto renumbering should have an option to add the /yy part of the track value so that I can change them automatically. As it stands, I must manually edit every single track to add a 0 in front of single digit tracks so that I can then rename files

      3) File renaming fails silently if there is a / in the track #. It should use all chars up to the / when using %t in the rename format string instead of doing nothing. This bug forces you to manually rename tracks to a 2 digit format and then manually change them back to xx/yy after renaming files

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      Zortam Support

      Hi ViperBoy,

      Have You had a look in the “General Options” of Zortam? – There is a part with defined characters that aren’t allowed by default in the ID-Tags, e.g. Your “/”.

      But I think, You can change that and cancel that from the defaults.

      Maybe that would help?

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