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    Zortam Support
    Zortam Support

    I am using the trial version
    And it is exactly what I need (lyrics, naming,…) !
    Before to sign up for the full pro version I have just one problem :

    All my MP3 files have Album Cover (I can see it on Itunes and Ipod 5G) but I do not see any of them in the dedicated Zortam window (ID3V2 tags) ? I can obviously add a new picture but I do not want to redo that for 3500 songs (even if Zortam is really powerful)
    The rest of the tags are ok ? do you have any idea of what might be the problem ?
    Thank you very much

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    Zortam Support
    Zortam Support


    We have resolved this problem with iTunes in version 5.95.
    iTunes by default saves Album art in ID3 picture tag called Others.
    In Zortam Mp3 Media Studio go to ID3V2 tags ans select [All Pictures]-[Select Photo],
    and choose from combobox [Others] and you will be able to see album arts saved via iTunes.

    ID3 standard has values for picture tags:

    0 – Others
    3 – Cover Album Art
    4 – Back Cover

    For some reason iTunes saves album art to “Others” picture tag.

    So all pictures from iTunes are visible in Zortam Mp3 Media Studio at “Others” Picture tag in ID3V2 view.

    Zortam Mp3 Media Studio saves picture to “Front Cover”(3)
    picture tag and also to “Others”(0) picture tag, so Album arts are visible on iPod
    and any other portable Mp3 player.

    We recomend to use Zortam for batch entering picture arts and lyric to ID3 tags.
    All arts and lyric entered by Zortam are visible in iTunes and iPod and any other portable Mp3 player.

    If you save arts with iTunes it will be visible in Zortam as “Others” picture tag.

    Zortam Support

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    Zortam Support
    Zortam Support

    Thank you for that quick answer !
    The scroling list was so small that I did not see the “Other” option.
    Great tool, and very good helpdesk : I’m gonna buy it right now !!!

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