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      Zortam Support

      Hi, just purchesed the pro version a few days ago and am happy with it. Howerver I do have problems with the library management.

      For Example

      1. If I scan a folder containing 50 mp3’s it adds them to the library, if I was to accidentally rescan that folder again it would add them to the library again as duplicates (ie 100 entries).

      2. On the Library view, on several occasions I have wanted to delete all entries, by using select all (ctrl-a) and pressing DEL, this NEVER deletes all entries, even a restart of the app doesnt fix this. I need to go to the installation folder and delete the .zor file.

      3. After batch updating my mp3’s for Lyrics/Art, and then selectiing the ‘show tags’ > ‘without pictures’ or ‘without lyrics’ etc, this never works properly. It list files that DO HAVE these attributes, and the tag colour states they dont. Library management does not seem dymanic, I then have to delete all files in the library ( see problem 2 again ) and rescan everything again for the ‘show tags’ option to work correctly.

      Please Help!

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