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      Zortam Support

      I ‘ve been running the pro version since I bought it 3 years ago and LOVE this program.. It’s the best out there, by far, and the author(s) actually support it! :)

      I’ve noticed some minor (but annoying) bugs that existed in the version I purchased (Version 6.6) that still seem to be unresolved (As of v.9.40), and I’ve yet to see anyone else mention them. :

      1: library listings and tag filtering.

      Suppose I created a new library, wether manually selecting folder(s) to import, or doing a drive scan.

      The found MP3s are in varying states as far as the existence of tags/cover art, etc.
      If I chose to apply a listings filter (Alt+f6/f7/f8 etc) and there were no files in the list that met that requirement (say all tags/cover art/lyrics intact) one would see an empty list. then, when trying to switch to another listing typw, (say, no lyrics) the list stays blank (even when electing to show all tags (ALT+F5) nothing can be viewed. The ony way around this is ti exit and re-load the program or re-import all files into the Library again.

      N.B.: This bug _seems_ to be intermittent, but may not be. (grin)
      When listing all files and electing to remove select files from the library (not the computer) say to focus on the rest (remove files /w all tags/album art/lyrics intact, duplicates, etc.).

      Suppose I then ran a Batch tag/album art finder, when I then elect to filter all that do not now have all tags found and imported (ALT+F8) the previously ‘removed ‘ files are listed again.

      Actual scenario I use:
      Import all mp3s to library from selected source, or use Folder Tree view (ALT+F). Within the functionality of the program, Move all files that have all tags/album art intact to a sub-folder called “+Tagged”, column sort on Folder, then from the ALT+F8 view, hit CTRL+Y and elect to ‘Delete from library only’ all moved files.
      – now apply ALT+F5 filter…the ‘removed’ entries will/may still be present in the main list.

      Now, a continuation of a feature request that was added:

      I while ago, I made a request to have a feature added. The issue is that Microsoft’s Media Center uses it’s own non-standard ID3 tags to identify compilation CDs.
      Pls see this thread from last year: https://www.zortam.com/phorum/read.php?1,1291,1291#msg-1291

      What I’d like to see is an option to batch update the collection to fit this format Like a batch tag copy ALBUM ARTIST < --> ALBUM TITLE / ‘make compatible with MS Media Center’ for those tracks that don’t have the tags.
      ( You’ve gotta love how major companies like Microsoft don’t adhere to industry standards )
      Also, would it be possible to have an option to display that tag in the Options > MP3 List ?

      Thanks for your time and keep up the GREAT work on this jewel of a program! :)

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