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      Zortam Support

      Hi Guys, I emailed you the following note this past Saturday night, but haven’t heard back:

      – I purchased music studio a couple of months back. Everything was going well for a couple of weeks then the program started to randomly shut down. I have since uninstalled, cleaned my registry/defragged/checked hard disk/etc. and reinstalled. The program appears to install fine, but on boot up it just shuts down (I can’t even get in to put in my serial number). It says “MFC Application has encountered an error and needs to close”. –

      I have since played around with it more and realized that after the program loads it is already loaded with a user name/license that isn’t mine. I have cleaned the registry but after reinstalling the program opens with this data already populated then crashes every time. I am guessing the user credentials are invalid? I am not sure where it is pulling this info from or how it got there.

      After I remove the program, is it leaving something behind that I need to remove to do a “fresh” install? I did a “fresh” install on my laptop and everything was fine (e.g., the program didn’t open with user name/license code already populated)


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