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      Zortam Support

      A few suggestions for the MP3 Pro Player:

      – There is no explanation of the tools at the top of the screen. I click on some icons and nothing happens (I don’t know what they are). Are there Tool Tips which can be turned on?

      – When Shuffle Mode is selected, it shuffles; however, the same song can be repeated numerous times (often in a row) before it moves to another song. I would prefer it shuffle and play all of the songs before repeating any.

      – The pulsing visualizations can become tiresome. I would like a selection for “No Visualization”, then a “Configure Plug-in” option to select a bmp background texture of my own.

      – The Player should disable Windows from entering Screen Saver mode.

      – The ID3 tag info appears clearly; however, the song list text appears extremely choppy and pixelated. I’d also like the option to change the font size of the ID3 info displayed. I’d like the song list to highlight the song which is currently playing.

      – In the Options dialog box, the Apply button never turns on to be able to select it. You have to hit OK to see your changes then re-enter the options dialog box.

      – In the Player Options dialog box “Sow Song Time” is misspelled, it should be “Show Song Time”

      I hope that list isn’t too critical. Any help would be appreciated.

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