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      I have Zortam 17.6 Pro.

      I can open my MP3 files with MP3TAG and see all of the tags and the fact that they are entered properly. When I load the MP3 files into Zortam it isn’t seeing the tags properly, the cover art, and the lyrics.

      I have tried, in MP3TAG to save the tags as ID3v1, ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1, ID3v2.3 UTF-16, and ID3v2.4 UTF-8. The only tags that seem to work are ID3v2.1 and ID3v2.3 UTF-16.

      1. In the library display when I click on the ID3v2 tab I am getting the ID3v1 values. I know this because ID3v1 is limited to 30 characters in the song title but ID3.2 is variable length. In MP3TAG, a song with 30+ characters in the title is displayed correctly, but not in Zortam.

      2. Lyrics are not being loaded into Zortam. I used Zortam to add lyrics to my MP3 files. I can verify that the lyrics exist in the UNSYCHEDLYRICS field. I noticied that Zortam, by default puts || in front of the lyrics, with nothing in front of it. For them to display properly in Windows Media Player, I used MP3TAG to add eng in front. Now they aren’t being read by Zortam. My guess is that you are looking for || with nothing in front of it for the lyrics.

      3. Can you add an option to add language code in front of the lyrics, i.e. eng. This is required for Windows Media Player. The format is langcode|| lyrics instead of || lyrics. For now, you could add a typed field in the options.

      4. Cover art isn’t being displayed properly in the ID3 tag editor. Again, I can confirm that these are being displayed properly in MP3TAG but not being loaded in Zortam.

      I can send you a copy of one of my files for further troubleshooting.



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      I’m using the Pro 19.65 version of Zortam and have a glitch since the upgrade. When I import a folder into it and hit “Autotag”, the program is picking a random artist name and populating ALL the songs in that folder to that artist.

      Typically, it isn’t a big problem except that I’m importing 40 albums that all have “Various Artists” on them.

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