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      Zortam Support

      I’ve got a question about the normalize feature of Zortam Mp3 Media studio Pro (12.7). I am new to your product and also new to normalization, so please excuse me if this question doesn’t make any sense!

      I am trying to make a play list that contains songs from an album recorded in the early 80s and an album with songs recorded more recently. Unfortunately, the recent album sounds considerably louder than the one recorded in the 80s.

      I would like to try and push the volume of the 80s album up to match the more recent one. When I analyze the track volume on the 80s album, most of the songs are between +2.5 and -1.5 db. When I analyze the track volume from the more recent album, most of the songs are around -7.0.

      My question is, how can I push the track volume of the earlier album up to a specific value (-7 db)?



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      Zortam Support

      Default volume for normalization is 89.0 dB. You can see it on status line.
      You can change it to another values then 89.0 dB at Options-Normalization-Target Volume.

      It is always good to make undo track volume, before going with another target volume if files are already normalized.

      Zortam Support

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