Problem with ID3v2.4 UTF8 and ID3v2.3 UTF16 Tags

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      at first I think you made a great program for automated MP3-Tagging, so I bought a lifetime-license.

      I tag my MP3s with Musicbrainz (Picard) and use Zortam to add Covers and lyrics to it afterwards.

      Now to my Problem:
      When I use ID3v2.4 UTF8 Zortam does not read my tags. When I tag them with Zortam I loose the whole tag-information, so all Musicbrainz-information.

      When I use ID3v2.3 UTF16 Zortam does read my tags and writes them, but when special chars (like German Umlaut äöüß etc.) are coming up, Zortam messes up the whole tag (artist , title) with the special char in it!

      Why does Zortam not read my ID3v2.4 UTF8?

      Why does Zortam mess up with special chars in ID3v2.3 UTF16?

      Is there a possibility that Zortam does not change tag-information except Cover and/or Lyrics?

      Is it planned to add musicbrainz-support to Zortam?

      Thank you,


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